Germaine Escames Rosa

Professor at the University of Granada. Co-director of the Research Group consolidated by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía CTS-101: Intercell Communication. Supervisor of Radioactive Installations. Member of the CIBER of Fragility and Healthy Aging (CIBERfes). I am also a specialist in clinical biochemistry. I have developed my research for the last 25 years in the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Granada, where I was studied the antioxidant effects of melatonin and the identification of the mitochondria as the main target of melatonin; its ability to delay aging and neurodegenerative pathologies; its anti-inflammatory activity against the innate immune response, among others. Recentley, my activity has focused on studies of the oncostatic activity of melatonin, and on the adverse effects of radio and chemotherapy. All these studies have been financed with national, regional and local R + D + I grants, as well as different contracts with companies. All the published articles, books and book chapters, as well as the various communications to international and national congresses, have been widely accepted by the scientific community. Through the Fundación Empresa-Universidad we have set up a free radical laboratory in which techniques related to the determination of oxidative stress markers are carried out. We have four international patents on melatonin in the last five years: one of them (number PCT / ES2012 / 070728) has been transferred to a pharmaceutical company. It is melatonin gel for the prevention and treatment of mucositis and is currently under a multicenter clinical trial (EudraCT nº: 2015-001534-13); The other two patents (number = PCT / ES2012 / 070349 and PCT / ES2015 / 070236), in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, are also under clinical trial (EudraCT no: 2008-006782-83). These are two formulations of intravenous administration against sepsis. These two international patents of a melatonin injectable have been licensed to a Spin-off (InymelBio S.L.) constituted by us between the University and the Andalusian Health Service. The fourth patent is an international patent (PCT / ES2013 / 070817), and the license was granted to another Spin-Off (Pharmamel S.L.) also created by us from the University of Granada. This patent consists of a regenerative and anti-aging cream for topical application on the skin. I am the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pineal Research, one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Physiology with an impact index of 11.4 and I am the referee of several international journals. In addition, I maintain collaborations with several Universities:

– University of San Antonio (Texas, USA) with Professor Russel J Reiter;

– Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, with Prof. Daniel P Cardinali;

– Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Antioquia (Colombia) with Professor Marlene Jiménez, with Dra Escames as international consultant for research projects;

– Mayo Clinic (USA) with Prof. Quiñones, as well as with several Spanish Universities (Valencia, Oviedo, Complutense Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona).

TFMs dirigidos en los últimos 5 años:


  1. Título del TFM: Evaluación de los efectos citotoxicos de la melatonina en cáncer de cabeza y cuello: Estudio de la diferenciación y migración en células HNSCC.
    • Nombre del estudiante del Máster: Alba López Rodríguez
    • Curso académico: 2019/20
  1. Título del TFM: Conexión entre desincronización de los genes reloj y disfunción mitocondrial en las células tumorales de HNSCC: efectos de la melatonina.
    • Nombre del estudiante del Máster: Cesar Rodríguez Santana
    • Curso académico: 2018/19
  1. Título del TFM: Estudio preclínico de diferentes formulaciones de melatonina para potenciar la citotoxicidad de la irradiación y del cisplatino en cáncer de cabeza y cuello.
    • Nombre del estudiante del Máster: Laura Martínez Ruiz
    • Curso académico: 2018/19
  1. Título del TFM: La mitocondria como nueva diana terapéutica del tratamiento del cáncer: evaluación del efecto citotóxico de la melatonina en cáncer de cabeza y cuello.
    • Nombre del estudiante del Máster: Javier Florido Ruiz
    • Curso académico: 2017/18

Tesis dirigidas en los últimos 5 años:

  1. Título de la Tesis: Melatonin increases radiation therapy and cisplatin cytotoxicity in a Head an Neck Cancer model, stimulating the generation of mitochondrial ROS, apoptosis and autophagy.
    • Nombre del estudiante de doctorado: Fernández Gil, Beatriz Irene
    • Curso académico: 2019/20
  1. Título de la Tesis: Evaluation of the interaction between melatonin and rapamycin for head and neck cancer therapy.
    • Nombre del estudiante de doctorado: Ying Quiang, Shen
    • Curso académico: 2018/19
  1. Título de la Tesis: Zebra fish as a model of Parkinson’s disease. Evaluation of the mitochondrial dysfunction and the therapeutic capacity of melatonin.
    • Nombre del estudiante de doctorado: María Elena Díaz Casado
    • Curso académico: 2016/17
  1. Título de la Tesis: Molecular mechanisms of the anti-inflammatory activity of melaotnin: Role of the nuclear receptor RORalfa.
    • Nombre del estudiante de doctorado: Volt Valdivia, Huayqui
    • Curso académico: 2016/17